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Replacement car

The objective of renting is to facilitate our client's use of the vehicle in the best conditions and with the most complete and professional service possible. AGC is EXPERT in this.

We work with a flexible formula that allows our clients to fully adapt the service to their global and specific needs. Do not forget that, through the renting formula, all the procedures, fines, sanctions, etc.; We will process them so you will only enjoy the vehicle.

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Since 1980 we have been working in the automotive sector. In 1995 we expanded our services and began to offer the renting service. Thanks to our work, professionalism and the trust of our clients, our fleet of vehicles multiplied in such a way that in a very short period of time, we were operating nationwide.  

What is renting? 

Renting is the option of renting a car on a long-term basis that includes all the costs of vehicle maintenance, tires, repairs, insurance, registration costs, taxes and handling of fines.  

What function does the leasing company have? 

It is very important to choose carefully which company you contract this service with since the function of the rental company is to manage any incident, breakdown, accident, repair, transfers, etc. that the vehicle may suffer.  

What differentiates us from the rest? 

  • TRULY PERSONALIZED offers because each client is unique. 

Detecting the real need of our clients, to be able to offer a truly personalized offer, is essential to be able to offer the best product and service.  


  • FAST resolution of incidents. 

There is no doubt that today, the vehicle is an essential element for our work and for our daily lives. For this reason we know that it is essential to resolve incidents optimally in the shortest possible time.  


  • DIRECT communication with the rental company. 

Our clients do not speak with teleoperators, they speak directly with us, with Agc, with our professionals with first and last name. Therefore, the management of maintenance, accidents, transfers, etc. It is fast and efficient and always taking into account the preferences of our clients.  


  • Free ADVICE to our clients. 

Nowadays they offer us a multitude of offers through different means but without knowing our real needs. For this reason, having professional and quality advice is essential to be able to make good decisions. Our clients can enjoy this service for free.  

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